“centralising contact and calendar information, increasing communication effectiveness, and improving individual and team productivity."


Throughout the course of a typical day, you communicate with a number of business associates, managing their communications are vital to your business. Zeta CRM maintains accurate contact records of your communication with your customers.

Zeta CRM is not only a Contact Management Software but robust Customer Relationship Management software with one of the shortest implementation time of any CRM system on the market. It will help any small to medium sized business increase revenue by creating long-lasting customer relationships.

The better you know your customer the more effectively you will anticipate their needs and retain their business. With Zeta CRM you will stay on top of every customer interaction, and accurately forecast sales, manage sales process.

Dealing with your customers support issue effectively is vital to your business. Zeta CRM maintains accurate details of the support calls and manage support escalations.

Whatever your business, Zeta CRM has the strength, flexibility and agility you need to exceed your customers’ expectations, all at a price that ensures a rapid return on your CRM investment.

Major Modules
  • Contact Management
  • Sales Management
  • Support Management
Contact Management

Zeta Contact Manger is designed to meet the needs of companies for centralized contact and customer information. It provide a single central repository for critical contact information captured across the organization, which reduces redundancy and errors, enable improved data control and security, and eases data maintenance tasks. Through Zeta Contact Manger the sales team can access contact details, know the relationship history, opportunities, information, so they can have knowledge communications with prospects and customers. The sales team can schedule calls and meetings easily. It can record communication with the contacts and track customer history of all communications.

Sales Management

Revenue from sales is the live blood for commercial organizations. By using Zeta Sales Manager the company can enter the leads, access the leads and convert them to opportunities, view all sales opportunities at once or lter by using Sales stages, Status, Amount, Probability of close. It can also create quotes and orders for the leads.

Support Management

CRM support module can improve customer satisfaction and productivity by automating customer support processes. It can assign ticket to the appropriate resource, record the status, urgency and nature of the issue and track time to resolution. View ticket assignment, priority weighting and notification request are available.It can also be linked to online supporting system.