Best ERP Software in Kerala

ZETA ERP Software is a simple yet a very powerful ERP solution for Medium & Large Enterprises. With customised world class features to meet the industry need, this is one of the Best ERP Software in Kerala that is in the market. Irrespective of the budget restrictions that a Medium Enterprise may face, Zeta provides an affordable ERP Software in Kerala. Many medium & large enterprises in Cochin, Kerala are already using ZETA ERP Software.

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    Affordable ERP Software

    ZETA ERP is the most affordable accounting software with the capacity to manage the financial aspect of business in different industries across different countries in the world. Eager to know our prices? Please contact us right away!

    Feature filled ERP Software

    With all the modules being fully integrated, Zeta ERP has unique features, and this in no doubt makes ZETA ERP the best Inventory Software Provider in the Kerala. Not to mention that, all the modules in ZETA ERP are fully integrated. Each module has its own set of already inbuilt reports with a capacity to add more reports for each module.

    System Security

    User rights are configurable based on the client’s needs with audit trail and secure logins. We understand the importance of ERP System Security, especially when dealing with mid-size and large enterprises. Hence, we have taken utmost care with regards to system security inside of Zeta ERP. With these in place, it is no doubt that ZETA ERP is the best Enterprise Resource Planning solution in Kerala.

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