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Being a veteran in HR Software Solutions, we provide one of the Best HR Software in Kerala. We are also proud to hear what our clients are saying with regards to Zeta HRMS.

“The Best HR Software in Kerala to manage my company’s Human Resources”.

“ZETA HRMS has a futuristic approach in providing the solutions!”

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    Why ZETA Is The Best HRMS Software In Kerala?

    We are glad to present to you the best HRMS Software in Kerala designed to revolutionize how Human Capital is managed across different industries.

    For over 20 years, our team of experts have been acquiring a certain level of knowledge in the Human Resource Management System (HRMS). With an augmentation of such knowledge, along with the HRMS Industry Standards, we have designed the Zeta HR Software Solutions. It caters to the Medium & Large Enterprises, to manage their growing Human Capital through the different phases of business growth.

    With over 2000 implementations across the world, Zeta Softwares have had the privilege to serve the best clients in almost every industry vertical. They in-turn have helped us improve our knowledge and understanding of Human Capital Management. The knowledge and experience has been translated into developing an excellent HR Software Solution.

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    Accessibility through the Web Portals:

    ZETA HR Software comes with three portals; Recruitment Portal, Project Management Portal & Employee Self Service (ESS) Portal that enables employees make numerous requisitions, which includes salary advances, leave applications, Payslip (Salary Certificates) requests and travel advances request. We also have a Mobile App for both IOS / Android devices that support the ESS functions.

    Integration with the existing ERP:

    Our HR Solution easily integrates with the existing ERP solutions in Kerala giving you the opportunity to have quality HR Software Solution that will support your business growth without the need to change the solution.


    ZETA HRMS is a dynamic Human Resource Management System that can support a small team of 100 employees and a big team of thousands of employees. The client with the highest number of employees in our profile has more than 40,000 employees. Be it in the Private Sector or the Government Institutions, we have the best HR Management Software in Kerala.

    Our HR Solution has the most elaborate & innovative Payroll Management Software in Kerala & India. We have been able to localize our Payroll Solution in more than 20 countries in the World.


    ZETA HRMS will give you an impressive user experience and with its unique user interface, users are able to navigate through the solution with a lot of ease. The user customizable dashboard gives the users a clear oversite of reports, reminders and notifications that ensure that urgent matter are addressed on time. Our Employee Self Service Portal has a great interface that makes it easy for the employees to navigate and make request while on the go.

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    End To End HRMS Solutions Provider

    Zeta HRMS provides end to end solutions to handle all your HR needs.