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Zeta Softwares is an ISO certified Business Applications Software developer, developing and marketing ERP, HRMS software globally. Since its inception in 1998, we have earned the trust and goodwill of over 2000 customers across 20 countries, with over 10,000 core users and over 2,00,000 ESS users.


Back in year 1997, business organizations started realizing the need to invest in technology to streamline their business operations and grow. The need for a fully integrated software that can be fulfil their requirement, easy to use and easy to setup was rapidly growing.

Zeta Softwares was founded by experienced professionals in Dubai, who understood the pain and needs of the organizations. The products developed under Zeta Softwares (Zeta ERP and Zeta HRMS) were a total success.

After more than 23 years in the market, Zeta Softwares was able to reach over 2000 clients distributed in more than 20 countries, capitalizing on the stability, implementation agility, flexibility, and simplicity of use of the products.
Our story continues into the future, be part of it.



Our vision is to be the most admired and respected software provider in the world.
Leading Suppliers of ERP & HRMS

To be the leading suppliers of business management software to the SME segment

Satisfied Customers

To have the most satisfied customers in our industry

Trusted Partner

To be the most trusted partner in the market

Socially Responsible

To be a socially responsible company