Human Resource Management System


A truly powerful Performance Management process requires that employees, managers and HR professionals be connected for real-time collaboration and communication. Successful organizations align their employees performance objectives with organizational goals. The Zeta HRMS Performance Management Module helps you create meaningful performance reviews for your employees. The entire process is completely paperless allowing for HR, Managers and Employees to track progress against goals and monitor the review cycle. Additionally, it helps HR professionals to better service managers by putting performance information at their fingertips to identify professional growth opportunities and employee retention and satisfaction strategies. Zeta Performance Evaluation is a 360-degree based performance evaluation system with user defined evaluation parameters and automatic generation of performance evaluation forms with multiple evaluation blocks where each evaluation block/section with associated parameters can be assigned to a different employee/supervisor for assessment and recommendations.

  • User Defined Performance Evaluation Parameters.

  • Unlimited Number of Performance Appraisals.

  • Unlimited Number of Performance Evaluators.

  • Overall performance evaluation by supervisor and manager.

  • Employee performance evaluation comments.