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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): Communication

A commercial organization is an entity within itself. As with entities, communication is a must. As such, communication is the cornerstone of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). This is true in all cases. For example, let’s take computer systems.

They are required to:

  • Interact with each other constantly
  • Make sure information is recorded appropriately
  • Analyze recorded information such that it is noted appropriately
  • Shared recorded information with appropriate members.

Without communication, even a robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is useless.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): The Human Element

Just as is with any system, ERP Software / ERP Solution people form the backbone. People using ERP Implementations have to make sure to communicate effectively and properly with other members. Openness should be pretext of ERP System. If there is no communication between people and the requisite offices/departments, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems will not be successful.

Lack of communication with each other will be the downfall of the system. It will also be of no use if you call the ERP Vendor for a solution. ERP Vendors would not be able to provide the enterprise any solution to its people problem.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): Giving & Taking Feedback

When an ERP Vendor or an ERP Software or ERP Solution is selected, it usually happens at the management level. People who actually use the ERP System or ERP Implementation have no say on the selection. This results to issues not being fixed quickly enough. Management and ERP Vendors should always interact with the employees using the ERP Software/Solution.

ERP Systems need to be checked regularly for finding out the progress. Any type of suggestion from people regularly using the ERP Software/Solution is invaluable. Accepting feedback results in improved functionality of the way the
software is implemented. Always hear people’s voices who use the software directly for better results.


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