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Roland Khoury
General Manager MBA Fakhro Corporation
“We really feel fortunate to have identified Zeta as our ERP solution provider. We were using a lot of manual tools to run our operations. Now we have the system that makes our lives so much easier. With Zeta ERP we will be able to scale and grow on the solution with many capabilities to grow into as the company grows. The change was so quick and dramatic and the Zeta Team worked well and effortlessly to see that their deliverables were actionable and even beyond the normal contractual arrangements.”
Narges Fattah Nia
Chief Information Officer Mammut Group
Zeta impressed us with their great proficiency and functional depth in HR operations, and by implementing their HRMS solutions; we have been able to get a bird’s eye view of all HR operations by drilling down to Worm’s View of each activities.. In addition, what really makes a difference is the fact that the Zeta support team is always prompt with an effective solution, when required.
Louise Kenna
HR Manager Honey Gourmet Grocer
HR management is very critical for Milk & Honey’s growth strategy. Zeta Software has helped us meet this challenge predictably, by streamlining our critical HR processes using Zeta HRMS. This implementation has not only increased our efficiencies across various processes but also given our business managers more time to focus on strategic initiatives to drive further growth
Payroll Specialist MEA
"ZETA HRMS has brought end-to-end results with advanced technology and powerful features, which have totally streamlined our HR processes. A fantastic application and a committed crew; we're very happy to be aboard ZETA HRMS!"