Human Resource Management System


Zeta ERP solution come with integrated BI module that goes beyond the rudimentary reporting functions businesses used in the past by creating a more dynamic environment for users to manipulate data as needed. Zeta BI is tightly integrated with all modules in the application, give the decision makers the insight into the real time data and make better, faster and intelligent decisions.

With the sophistication of the BI tools Zeta ERP have the ability to consolidate all key data into one platform and work hand in hand to give managers the power they need to make sound, data-based decisions. Zeta BI is a combination of Data-warehouse, dashboards and ad-hoc reporting. Through BI it is easy to manage the raw data of all the modules into meaningful output using one business software tool rather than multiple separate application that lack interoperability. Zeta BI also create personalized reports specific to each company’s processes. With a front-end visualization tool you have the option of viewing interactive dashboards to keep all users up to the minute. The information can also be exported to Excel for further use.

Zeta BI gathers and consolidates data from all modules in the application. Business need to compare data from different module, Zeta BI will provide the bridge you need in order to make sense of the interaction between the modules. Zeta Business Intelligence solution will do the statistical work for you. Its job is to provide you with the meaning behind your statistics. You don’t need to be a math wizard or statistician tasked with analyzing your own data. Let Zeta BI do it for you with graphs and charts that allow you to quickly capture the big picture.

Zeta Business intelligence is known for providing insight into your data both overall and specifically. Even if you don’t fully know what you are looking for, you can search your data from various aspects and continue refining it until something you may not have thought of pops out at you. It could be a major concept or even a discrete detail that may positively impact your business decisions.

Good management is based on good decision making. Zeta BI solution will give your managers the information and insight necessary for making the best decisions quickly and easily. Management decisions based on solid information and analysis can be relied on to benefit your business and keep it running smoothly. Key performance indicators, visible on your BI dashboards, will provide even non-technical managers with a view of the department or company’s overall health and identify areas of concern before they become problems.