Enterprise Resource Planning


In Zeta web based ERP the end users can access the company data with the help of any browser. A Web Hosted solution ensures that the user can access the accounts data from the browser. The ERP can be installed in the Windows server and the clients can use browser to access the data. You have a considerable saving in cost on both the software and hardware that can be invested in your business development. Zeta Web ERP solutions improves productivity and reliability, and provide higher levels of service to customers. Zeta web ERP is also flexible and scalable. Any module from the Windows application can be accessed in the browser. Zeta ERP web has the capability to access real-time data from anywhere without using complicated and costly remote-access software.

An interface similar to client-server application is provided to the user in a web application and the user interacts with in same manner as the client-server application. Zeta ERP Web can provide the same functionality similar to client-server application. As these applications run on the browser so they can run on any platform or operating system having a web browser.